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Arrive At Your Next Yacht Party in Style

Arrive At Your Next Yacht Party in Style

Get the maximum prestige out of your trip to Dubai

There is nothing quite as opulent and exclusive as a yacht cruise in Dubai. Everything about the experience and setting screams accomplishment and elitism. You are in a city that has the best that the world has to offer, from hotels and resorts to dining options and shopping. In Dubai, everything is world-class, and your experience in the city should be, too. In between the desert tours, helicopter tours, beach club parties, luxuriant Gulf-Arab cuisine, and trips to the top of the world’s tallest buildings, there is one activity that says exclusivity and prestige like nothing else.

Dubai is the ultimate prestigious destination because:

  1. It has the best in shopping, dining, and nightlife
  2. The world’s rich and famous come here to see and be seen
  3. The airport is exceptionally well connected
  4. The weather is always good
  5. The city has the greatest skyline on Earth

Nothing says extreme opulence and exclusivity like a chartered yacht cruise

A yacht cruise is the perfect statement of success, no matter the event or occasion. Everything about a Dubai yacht cruise is customizable, ensuring that your experience surpasses every expectation. Besides, you will be astonished at how affordable it all can be. First, there is a wide range of yachts to choose from. You can pick the yacht size and amenities that you want. A yacht offers both indoor and outdoor environments. 

No matter if you need a dancefloor, a conference room, sleeping quarters or a dining hall. Looking for a pool or jacuzzi? No problem. Next, the route and duration of your chartered cruise are entirely up to you. So are the catering and drink options. 

The sky and your budget are really the only limits here, Dubai has it all. If you want gold-leafed lobster in truffle sauce and the finest cognac in existence, just say the word. Likewise, entertainment options are entirely under your control. Compile a playlist for the ship’s high-end sound system, hire a live band or hire a DJ.

Besides transfer service, these things can be arranged in a single yacht booking:

  • The size and amenities of the yacht
  • Catering and bar options
  • Entertainment and performance
  • Other unique needs

Arrive at the yacht party in style with transfer service tailored to your exacting requirements

Transfer service is the way to go because:

  1. It serves every hotel and resort in Dubai plus the airport
  2. The type of vehicle is up to you
  3. The service is impeccable
  4. Transfer service can be arranged in your yacht charter booking.

Not only should your yacht cruise itself be an expression of success, opulence, and prestige, so should your transportation to and from the pier. The great thing is that all the customization options listed above including transfer service can be arranged with one single booking. No matter the size of your party or your requirements for transfer service, we’ve got you covered. Why hire a couple of transit vans when you can get a convoy of Bentleys? Even armored cars are available. Go with the luxury SUV option and make a detour into the desert wilderness on your way to your lush yacht party. Tailor-made transfer service is available to and from any hotel or resort in Dubai or even to and from the airport. Arrange the transfer service as part of a broader day in Dubai, with stopovers at major sights, spas, bars or shops. As with the yacht crews, chauffeur service in Dubai is second to none. All personnel are trained to offer the ultimate in skill and luxury service. 

Consider a side-trip to:

  • The Burj Al Arab
  • The Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Mall
  • A spa or beach club

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