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What To Wear To A Yacht Party

What To Wear To A Yacht Party

Dubai is a world-class city known for its exclusive and palatial hotels, resorts, spas, dining options, and other venues. This is definitely a city in which to see and be seen. In such an opulent destination, the pearl of the Arabian Gulf, there is no more fitting activity than spending a day on a relaxing and luxurious yacht cruise. No matter whether you are arranging an onboard business meeting, a staff party, a celebration of one of life’s milestones, or you’re just out for a good time, you will want to nail the Dubai yacht cruise look in your appearance and apparel. Appropriate attire will vary according to the purpose of your cruise. You don’t dress the same for a wedding and a fishing tour.

Different events on a yacht will call for different dress codes, such as:

  1. A business meeting
  2. A staff party
  3. A birthday
  4. A stag party
  5. A wedding or anniversary

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Dress appropriately for your event

Most events held on a yacht in Dubai call for some form of casual dress code. Very rarely do situations call for anything more formal than smart casual wear. The exceptions are certain business meetings or weddings, depending upon the convention followed by the organizers. If an event calls for business casual or anything more formal, the organizers will likely make this clear. Note that we require guests to remain barefooted or wear special slippers that we provide. This is for our guests’ safety and for the maintenance of the vessel.

Basic tips for choosing your yacht cruise outfit:

  1. Think about sun protection
  2. Keep it casual but classy
  3. Err on the side of conservatism
  4. Plan to be barefooted

If you are attending something like a child’s birthday party or a fishing tour, anything goes, as long as you adhere to Emirati public decency rules. If you have arranged to include swimming as part of your cruise, stick with conservative swimwear. For women, think one-piece, though you can get away with a two-piece. Even if you are attending the most informal affair, you will probably feel more at home on the luxury yacht if you inject a bit of class and style into your outfit. Besides style, dress code and decency regulations, remember to consider sun protection when picking out your outfit. It is a good idea to bring a head covering and long sleeves.

The general rules of thumb for yacht fashion

If you are arranging the event, we recommend making the dress code clear to your guests when you issue the invitations. Classy casual wear is the standard go-to option for a yacht cruise. The point of a yacht cruise is to feel relaxed, but also to feel like a million bucks

For men, think something like a light linen button-down or a Lacoste tennis shirt with fine chino shorts. In fact, the exact same outfit can work for women, but why not add a touch of elegance? A quality sundress will do nicely. A Breton shirt always looks at home aboard a yacht, too. For men, a summer blazer can even look good with shorts onboard a yacht. For both genders, but women especially, think loose, flowy, airy, casual, but elegant.

Some classic options for women:

  • Airy sundresses
  • Light full-length skirts
  • Loose, casual blouses
  • One-piece swimsuits

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Classic options for men:

  • Light linen button-downs
  • Breton shirts
  • Chino shorts
  • Summer pants

Weddings are a wardrobe problem all to their own. Every couple wants to celebrate their special day in their own style. The organizer will let you know whether to go formal or keep it yachty. 

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