Dubai has endless unique options to have fun in an atmosphere of modern luxury. This iconic world city is known for activities that you can’t do anywhere else, like skiing indoors at the Mall of the Emirates. Speaking of Malls, Dubai Mall is the world’s most visited tourist attraction and the world’s premier shopper’s paradise. The city is arguably the greatest shopping destination on Earth. The accommodation and dining options are of course hardly anything to scoff at, too. If you want to try something a bit offbeat in Dubai, there are plenty of options including helicopter tours and desert safaris.

Why a yacht tour is the best Dubai experience:

  1. Can be more affordable than you think or as lavish as you can afford
  2. It’s the best way to see the city
  3. Nothing says luxury like a chartered yacht
  4. You can customize your tour any way you want
  5. We offer extra activities like fishing and watersports

The ultimate Dubai experience: the yacht tour

Nothing, however, is quite like a chartered yacht cruise in Dubai. This is the ultimate luxury option, nothing says opulent like a chartered yacht. Besides, there is no better view of Dubai’s world-beating skyline than from the water. A yacht is the perfect venue for both personal and business events, offering an exclusive environment with both indoor and outdoor areas. We specialize in offering everything you need in a lavish, exclusive yacht charter all in one booking. We can arrange just the right vessel, route, and duration for your needs. Our staff is experienced, trained, and qualified in offering you the utmost in safety, service, and comfort. Our event planning team can arrange memorable catering, drinks, and live entertainment no matter your needs and preferences.

What you can arrange all in one booking:

  1. The vessel you want, the route, and the duration of your cruise
  2. Catering, drinks, and live entertainment
  3. Added extras for special events like decorations or cake
  4. Luxury transfer service to and from the yacht
  5. Extra activities like watersports

Optional extras on your yacht cruises

Besides our onboard offerings and extras, we offer some exciting extras with our yacht cruises like fishing tours, jet ski tours, swimming and watersports, including banana boat and donut rides. Fishing is a great option for experts and novices alike. 

A jet ski tour offers an extra thrill that speed freaks will love. Everyone loves to jump in the water to escape the summer heat, and the Dubai heat is some serious business. If you have children or youth in your group, watersports are probably the best option for you. This gives you the chance to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing cruise with all the added extras we offer while the more hyperactive members of your party enjoy bouncing over the waves at high speed on an inflatable object. This can even be a great option for something like a stag party, adding a bit of extra fun to your big day. 

Another unique option is to try hovering above the sea on a Flyboard. We have qualified instructors to help you figure out how to stay airborne on these futuristic devices. This is a skill you can take with you and use elsewhere, too.

Types of watersports we offer:

  • Swimming
  • Rides on towed inflatables like a banana boat or donut
  • Jet ski tours
  • Flyboarding

Enjoying water sports during a Dubai yacht cruise: the fine print

Whatever watersports option you go with, our staff is ready to guarantee that you will enjoy it with the utmost safety and enjoyment. We will have to tailor your cruise route to include a suitable location to try out watersports, it isn’t safe to do watersports just anywhere on the open sea. Please also keep in mind that scheduling for cruises and supplementary activities is subject to sudden change due to weather changes or the orders of the Dubai harbor master. Contact our team for info on arranging your perfect cruise.


  • We are ready and eager to answer any questions you may have
  • Our events planning team can work with you to arrange the perfect cruise
  • Everything usually goes as planned, but we are at the mercy of the weather and the harbormaster
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