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VIP Guests Love Boats

VIP Guests Love Boats

It’s a familiar scenario for most companies in Dubai. A VIP guest is flying in for an important meeting and you need to impress the living daylights out of them when work is over. Fortunately, Dubai is a city that has been built to impress. There are few urban locations on Earth as awe-inspiring and opulent as this pearl of Arabia. Dubai has some of the most impressive buildings, hotels, and resorts that you can find anywhere. Besides, the various archipelagos of artificial islands like the World Islands and the Palm Jumeirah are wonders of modern engineering sure to impress any visitor. The Palm Jumeirah especially is worth a dedicated yacht tour.

Of course, the wining and dining options in Dubai are unsurpassed. There are restaurants and bars in the city that will impress even the most high-profile guest. The beaches and beach clubs lend an air of exclusivity to any exciting night out. Activities such as helicopter tours, desert safaris, or indoor skiing make for memories that will last a lifetime.

Dubai has many world-class services, such as:

  1. Dining options
  2. Hotels and resorts
  3. Shopping
  4. Bars and beach clubs

Why a yacht is the perfect venue to host your VIP guests

However, there is one way to impress a VIP guest in Dubai that can’t be beaten. Nothing says luxury, opulence, and exclusivity like a luxury yacht tour. No matter what your time constraints or budget are, the perfect chartered yacht cruise can be arranged. Check out our article on how to plan a boat party. A wide variety of yachts are available of differing sizes and styles. If you want to go for a luxurious Gulf Arab flair, charter a traditional dhow. This option can be paired with traditional entertainment and catering options. Alternatively, go for an ultra-modern super-yacht with all the modern amenities. If ‘go big or go home’ There are definitely options for you. Arrange a yacht with its own pool, jacuzzi, spa service, or helicopter. You can even arrange your own professional-grade fireworks display on the yacht.

Options for arranging the perfect event for your VIP guests:

  • A traditionally themed dhow cruise
  • Take advantage of an onboard pool, jacuzzi or spa
  • Pick the yacht size that suits you best
  • Pick the catering to your exacting specifications

A yacht is the ultimate flexible venue

One great thing about a yacht is that it is such a flexible venue. You can hold a meeting in an onboard conference hall then head above decks for a drink while soaking up the ultimate view of Dubai’s world-class skyline. If the weather isn’t to your liking stay inside, or if it is, lounge around in the fresh sea breeze.

Benefits of a yacht as a hosting venue:

  • It is both an outdoor and an indoor venue
  • The view of the Dubai skyline is incredible
  • Include a tour of major sites like the Palm Jumeirah
  • Hold a business meeting in an onboard conference hall then go above decks for drinks

Any sort of theme, event, or performance can be arranged for your yacht cruise. The limit is really down to your budget and imagination. The yacht staff is trained to offer the highest possible standard of service and is ready to aid you in ensuring that your event goes smoothly no matter how elaborate it may be. Whether you are wining and dining just one VIP or a large group, a yacht is the perfect venue to get away from the crowds and distractions. Not only can you arrange your venue, catering, bar, and entertainment all with just one booking, but yacht availability is often much greater than similar luxury venues on land. Plus, you can arrive in style by arranging a luxury transit service to and from the pier.

Arrange everything all with one booking, including:

  1. Luxury transit service
  2. The vessel itself
  3. The catering
  4. Drinks
  5. Entertainment
  6. Decoration

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