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Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Landing In Dubai

Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Landing In Dubai

Dubai is a major metropolis and world city located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. You could say that it is the center of the world. The city thrives on welcoming everyone on Earth to a melting pot of commerce and business. Many fortunes have been made here for people from every corner of the world. Many have fallen in love, found their calling or just had a vacation that they will remember for a lifetime. 

Dubai is a perfect destination for:

  • A beach resort getaway
  • A fishing tour
  • An epic shopping spree

Originally founded on the shore of the Arabian Gulf to take advantage of trade, fishing, and pearl farming opportunities, Dubai is the perfect crossroads of global cultures. As welcoming as the city is and as flexible and understanding, there are some things you should know before arriving in Dubai.

Remember that:

  1. Dubai thrives on tourism and the city wants you to feel welcome
  2. Public decency and alcohol regulations are only slightly stricter than in many western destinations
  3. This is a city to bask in luxury, relax, show off, and enjoy yourself

Come in the winter

Summers in Dubai are scorchingly hot, with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius. You can come in the summer and there will always be plenty of things to do, but you simply have more options to enjoy the city in comfort in the winter. Keep in mind that temperatures in Dubai in winter resemble those in summer in many parts of the world.

You don’t need to be an oil sheik to enjoy the city

Whether we’re talking about accommodation or yacht cruises, Dubai offers options at any budget. You don’t need to own an oil rig to enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer. With a little bit of research, you can plan a fun and thrilling vacation that perfectly matches your budget.

You can drink in Dubai, just not anywhere you want

While you can drink in Dubai, it is most convenient in certain locations like some hotel bars. Public drinking is not permitted and most restaurants are not licensed to sell alcohol. If you want to purchase alcohol for personal consumption, you will need a permit. The legal drinking age is 21.

Make a reservation and let out your inner foodie

Dubai is one of the world’s premier destinations for fine and diverse dining. Multiple restaurants in the city are run by chefs who hold a Michelin star. The range of cuisine covers the entire globe, with fast food to gourmet options from every style you can imagine. Many of the better hotels offer a selection of dining options that rival any in the world. 

Fusion is also a big thing in Dubai, given its status as a global crossroads. For a more traditional option, head down to Bur Dubai for some local Emirati cuisine. 

Pro tip: book ahead, especially when dining at some of the cities finer establishments. This will help guarantee that you get the exclusive service and enjoyable experience that you deserve.

Most popular cuisines in Dubai:

  1. Emirati
  2. Lebanese
  3. Japanese
  4. Thai
  5. French

Don’t feel self-conscious on the beach.

Expats constitute about 85 percent of the city’s population. While there are public decency laws in effect, those relevant to the beach are not any more onerous than anywhere else in the world. Simply keep your bikini or speedo regions covered at all times and we’re golden. Throw on a t-shirt as you are leaving the beach. 

Elsewhere in the city, dress as most people normally would in any western city, just keep your shoulders and knees covered out of respect for local sensibilities. There is no need to cover your hair. Dubai is a city to see and be seen, so dress up and go for an elegant, lavish look.

When at the beach:

  • Women, keep your top on
  • Throw on a t-shirt as you leave the beach
  • Wear whatever swimwear you want
  • Skip the burkini, no need to cover your hair

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