Transfer service

Navigating Dubai traffic, finding parking and locating your chartered yacht can be a frustrating experience. This is not a way to start a day that is supposed to be relaxing and celebratory. Our transfer service makes life either both for you and for us. We can ensure that you get to your yacht charter on time and in comfort.

We offer our transfer service from any hotel in Dubai. We also give you a choice of vehicle depending on your preference and the number of people in your party. Choose from a range of luxury salons, SUVs or vans. Contact us for info and pricing on optional extras and upgrades.

Catering options

Our dedicated team of event planners is ready and eager to help you arrange the ideal catering options for your yacht cruise. We work with a range of the finest caterers in Dubai to bring you the perfect dining experience.

Seafood is a classic and popular choice in Dubai generally, but especially on a yacht. A full range of world cuisines is available to you, from Mexican to Italian to Japanese. Go with a traditional Emirati option for a true taste of Dubai.

Water sports

We have a variety of unique activities for you to enjoy while you’re out on the water. Swimming is an option for any guest who is fit and capable. Note that for any cruise, special arrangements must be made for swimming or other water sports, so contact us first.

We also offer rides on towed inflatables like a banana boat or donut. Jet skiing is another exciting option. Don’t forget about our dedicated fishing tours!

Red carpet entrance

Add a little elegance to your yacht tour by requesting a red carpet entrance. Our staff will arrange it so that you and your guests get the full celebrity treatment when you arrive for your luxury Dubai yacht cruise.

Specially decorated cake

Let us know if your special event, perhaps a birthday or other milestone, requires a special cake decorated to mark the occasion.


Do you need to have the yacht decorated in a particular way? Whether you are having a wedding, a birthday party or a staff party, we can help you decorate the yacht the way you want. Either ask us to arrange the decoration or check if we can give you time before the cruise to decorate it yourself. Contact us for more details.

Arrive in luxury

Naturally, we offer concierge service on all our yachts charters. If you have heavy luggage or food and drinks to bring aboard, our staff will be happy to assist you in loading it all onboard. We are here to ensure that you receive a warm welcome when you arrive for your yacht cruise.

Catch a thrill on a jet ski

We offer jet skis that can be booked independently or as part of a yacht tour. This is a fun and exciting way to top off your day on the water in Dubai.

Live entertainment

Check in with our event planning team if you want to take your cruise to the next level with live performers. A DJ is our most popular option, but bands and dance groups are also available. Inquire for more details.

Professional Photographer

No matter whether you are celebrating a personal or a professional milestone, you will likely want high-quality photos to help you cherish the event for years to come. We all have phone cameras, but nothing beats the crisp quality of professional photography.

Seasoned Captains and Crews

All of our captains and crews are highly trained, experienced and certified to meet domestic and international standards. They are more than capable to ensure that you have the most comfortable and safe cruise possible. Our steward staff offers some of the finest service that you are likely to find anywhere in the world.

Onboard hostesses

Give your luxury Dubai yacht cruise that extra air of exclusivity with a professional onboard hostess. Inquire with us for more details.

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