Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable between you, the client or website visitor and the website’s owner and service provider, Rent Dubai Yacht. This policy covers all of the collection and use of your data as related to your use of any of the services on this website.

Definitions and Interpretation

For the purposes of this policy, the terms below shall carry the meanings stipulated:

Account – collectively defined as all the personal information, payment information, and individual credentials that you, the user, might use to sign in, communicate with us, or access information through or on this website;

Content – is defined as all of the text, graphic design, imagery, audio, video, programming, databases and all other forms of information that is capable of being stored in a device’s hard drive and that features on or is a constituent part of this website;

Cookie – is defined as a compact text file downloaded to your device’s hard drive by Rent Dubai Yacht when your browser opens specific pages of this website. Cookies let us recognize repeat site visitors and analyze their browsing patterns on the website. If and when e-commerce facilities are provided, cookies might be employed to save your shopping cart content. For more detailed information please refer to Clause 11;

Data – defined as all the information that you provide to the website explicitly and implicitly. This includes, but is not limited to, all of your account information and all data provided through any of our online services;

Rent Dubai Yacht – Is defined as the company Rent Dubai Yacht, the owner of this website;

Service – defined inclusively as any of the online tools, information, aids, or help that Rent Dubai Yacht provides and makes available on this website both now, in the past and in the future;

System – defined as any internet-based infrastructure for communication that Rent Dubai Yacht provides as available through this website now, in the past, or in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, chat with us service, web-based email, bbs boards, and email links;

User/Users – is defined as any and every third party that accesses the website and is neither in the employ of Rent Dubai Yacht nor acting in the capacity of employment or contractor service thereto; and

Website – defined as the website on which you are reading this and using now, Rent Dubai Yacht, and any and all sub-domains or pages of this website unless explicitly excluded by countervailing terms and conditions.

Data that we may ask from you

During your time using this website, we may request any of the following data from you:

  • name;
  • date of birth;
  • gender;
  • job title;
  • profession;
  • contact information including email address or phone number;
  • demographic or locational information including postal code, preferences, and interests;
  • payment information including credit or debit card information or other payment data;

Automatically Collected Data 

Non-exhaustively, any or all of the following data might be collected without confirmation:

  • IP address (automatically collected);
  • web browser brand and version (automatically collected);
  • operating system (automatically collected);
  • a list of URLs including the referring site, your activity on this website, and the site you go to from here (automatically collected); and
  • cookie information (see clause 11 below).

Our Data Use

All personal data that you provide will be kept by Rent Dubai Yacht for the full duration of your use of our website services. All information that you offer via any of our provided online communications systems can be kept for a period of up to six months or longer.

Unless we are legally compelled or allowed to do so under the law, and pending reference to Clause 5, your information will never be shared with any third party. In this respect, third parties including our affiliated companies and/or other companies within our corporate group unless clearly delineated.

All private data that we save is stored securely in full compliance with all local and supra-national laws and regulations. For further information on security, refer to clause 10 below.

Any or all of the data and information stipulated above might be necessary for us at a given time before we can offer you the full range of our services and user experience while you are navigating our website. In particular, we might retain your information for the following reasons:

  1. To maintain our own records;
  2. To improve our products and/or services;
  3. To offer you promotional materials that you may find interesting via email;
  4. To contact you for the purposes of market research. This might be executed through email or telephone. This data might be used to update or optimize our website.

Third-party Websites and Services

Rent Dubai Yacht might, once in a while, contract the services of another party to take care of issues that might include, but are not limited to, processing payments, delivery of services or packages, search engine services, advertising, and marketing. The respective service providers might gain access to some of the personal information that users offer to this website. Any data used by these third parties will only be used to the limited range needed by the third party to execute the services that Rent Dubai Yacht has contracted. 

Any use beyond this purpose will be strictly proscribed. Beyond this, any data that is held by such third parties must be used in accordance with the terms of this policy and in adherence to the relevant local regulations.

Changes in the Management or Ownership of the Business

Rent Dubai Yacht might, once in a while, expand or cut back its activities. This might precipitate the sale of relevant divisions or the transfer of management of relevant divisions to third parties. All information supplied by users will if held by a division sold or transferred as above, be transferred as the property of that division. The new owner or new controlling entity will, in accordance with the terms of this Policy, be allowed to continue to use the information for the same application for which it was originally provided by the user.

In the event that any information supplied by a user is transferred to a third party in the manner described, the user will not be warned prior nor notified of the relevant change. If contacted, the user will not be offered the decision to have their information deleted or denied to the new owner or controlling party.

Managing Access to Your Data

Any time that you are requested to submit information to receive service, the option to limit our use of that Data will be offered to you. This offer may incorporate:

  • the use of information for the purposes of marketing; and
  • sharing information with any third party.

Your Right to Deny Information

You may make use of specific parts of the website without offering any information at all. Nevertheless, to benefit from all of our services offered on the website you might need to input account information or similar information.

You might limit your web browser’s acceptance of cookies. For more on this, refer to clause 11.4 below.

Accessing your Personal Data

If we store any personal data, the user will have the ability to see their account at all times and view or edit the information. The user might have to change or update their information if there are any relevant personal changes. Extra information involving the user’s marketing preferences might also be saved. The user can edit this whenever they want.

The user has the right to request a copy of their personal information in exchange for the payment of a nominal fee.


Rent Dubai Yacht places an extreme emphasis on information security. To ensure that your information is protected, we have instituted advanced and relevant physical, electronic and managerial safeguards to guarantee the security of all of the information that we gather on the web.


Rent Dubai Yacht might install and access cookies on your device’s hard drive.

A Cookie is a compact text file that is saved on your device’s hard drive and usually includes a unique anonymous identifier and is only accessible by the website that installed it.

You may delete or remove our cookies, but you will then lose data that helps you navigate our website efficiently.

You may decide to enable or disable Cookies in your web browser. The default settings will allow your browser to accept cookies. For more information, refer to the help menu in your web browser. Disabling cookies might prevent you from taking advantage of all of the services present on our website.

Changes to this Policy

Rent Dubai Yacht reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy as we deem necessary at any time or as required by changes to the law. Any adjustment to this policy will be immediately reflected on our website. Users will be considered to have accepted the terms of the new policy the first time they use the website after such a change.

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