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8 Reasons You’ll Love A Guided Yacht Tour Around The Palm Jumeirah

8 Reasons You’ll Love A Guided Yacht Tour Around The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the wonders of the modern world. Not only is it the single largest artificial island ever made, but It is also elegantly designed in the form of a palm tree girded in by a crescent-shaped breakwater. Besides its unique physical structure, The Palm Jumeirah features many of Dubai’s top attractions. 

Some of the best hotels, shopping locations, resorts, and spas are located on the artificial island. As a prominent and groundbreaking feature of the Dubai waterfront, the Palm Jumeirah is not an attraction that you want to miss on your trip to Dubai.

What to expect from the Palm Jumeirah:

  • Some of the world’s most luxurious residences, hotels, and resorts
  • Activities like water parks and aquariums
  • World-class shopping
  • Exclusive beaches
  • Spas and beach clubs

Why a guided yacht tour is the best way to see the Palm Jumeirah:

  • Avoid the traffic and crowds
  • Get a great view of the city
  • Customize your yacht experience to your taste
  • Can include drinks, catering, and entertainment
  • Nothing says luxury like a yacht tour in Dubai

A yacht tour is a perfect way to see all the sights while avoiding traffic and crowds. It gives an exclusive and intimate conveyance between the sights. Enjoy the view from the upper deck or stick to the yacht’s air-conditioned interior. You get a panoramic view, and you can move around the vessel and stretch your legs. 

A yacht tour also offers catering that you will not find with road transport. Arrange a well-stocked buffet and bar for the full yacht experience. Music, dancing, and live performances can also be arranged to spice up your tour. 

Touring the Palm Jumeirah is a fantastic experience, but your time on the yacht will be something to remember all on its own.

Things to consider when planning your guided yacht tour of the Palm Jumeirah:

  1. How many people are coming
  2. How long you want your tour to be
  3. What drinks and menu you want
  4. What music and entertainment you want
  5. Which locations on the Palm Jumeirah you want to visit

Eight of the many reasons you will love a guided yacht tour around the Palm Jumeirah are:

  1. It is the largest artificial island
  2. It’s fun touring on a yacht
  3. Shopping opportunities
  4. Atlantis Resort is right there
  5. You get a great view of the city
  6. Spas are amazing
  7. The beach club is great
  8. You can go on a kayak tour

It’s the largest artificial island

Image source: Wikimedia

The Palm Jumeirah itself is a wonder of modern engineering and land reclamation. If you relish in man’s mastery over nature, you will marvel at the sheer scale of the Palm Jumeirah building project. The trunk of the palm-shaped island juts majestically out into the gulf and branches out into sixteen elegant fronds protected by a crescent-shaped breakwater. The entire development is host to some of the world’s most luxurious properties.

Yacht amenities are unbeatable

As noted, one of the main attractions on a yacht tour is the vessel itself, including the services and amenities on offer. The most outstanding features are the customizability of your yachting experience and the world-class service that you will receive. A yacht tour gives you the freedom to choose your party size, drinks options, menu, music, entertainment, and activities.

Shopping opportunities

The Palm Jumeirah is home to some of the world’s best shopping opportunities. Whether you are looking for a new pair of Jimmy Choos or a cheap pair of vacation sunglasses, the world is your oyster at Palm Jumeirah. The Golden Mile Galleria is just one of the vast retail venues available to you on the island.

Visit The Atlantis Resort

Image Source: Pixabay

No trip to Dubai is complete without a stop at the Palm Jumeirah’s crown jewel, the magisterial Atlantis Resort. This is the iconic spot for that ‘I’ve been to Dubai’ selfie. After loading it to Instagram, put your phone away for a while and explore the many amenities that the Atlantis has to offer. This is a world-class resort at which you could spend half a lifetime and still have exciting things to do. The top draws are the resort’s various beaches, the Aquaventure Water Park and The Lost Chambers Aquarium. These are some of the UAE’s top attractions, all concentrated in one place. 

Get a view of the city

There is no better way to get a view of Dubai’s world-beating skyline than from a yacht in the gulf. The Palm Jumeirah is centrally located and gives you some of the best possible views. Whether you are looking for a romantic backdrop or an experience that says high life in capital letters, you can’t go wrong.

Spa day!

Take a load off for an hour or so at one of the Palm Jumeirah’s many spas. The Atlantis offers great options as do many of the other luxury hotels on the island. Shop around before booking your trip, pretty much any spa treatment you can imagine is available to you here.

Beach club

The yacht can be endless fun, but sometimes you want to get off, spread your party out, and meet some new people. The Palm Jumeirah’s many luxurious beach clubs keep the party going around the club.

Kayak tour

If you’re getting restless and need a workout, park the yacht and join a guided kayak or paddleboard tour. This is a great way to get up close and personal with the Palm Jumeirah and work off some of the carbs from that yacht buffet.

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