Dubai is the perfect city for a vacation soaked in luxury and once-in-a-lifetime experiences of over-the-top opulence. This is a city that takes everything to the next level. It has the world’s tallest buildings, the world’s largest artificial islands, and the world’s busiest shopping venues. Everything about Dubai is a cut above. It is a new city, a young city, but one that does not compromise. Do you want to go skiing in the middle of the Arabian desert? No problem. A five-star luxury hotel isn’t good enough for you, you need at least seven stars? No problem, check into the Burj Al Arab. One jewelry shop isn’t enough for you? Stop by the Souk for a whole neighborhood draped in gold items for sale.

Dubai offers the best in:

  • Shopping
  • Accommodation
  • Dining
  • Spas and resorts
  • Luxury activities like yacht cruises

Luxury options for your vacation in Dubai

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s shopping, accommodation, dining, or nightlife, the options available in Dubai will amaze you. There are restaurants and hotel rooms under the sea with views into the abyss. To see it all from above, head up the Burj Khalifa or book a helicopter tour. Whatever you do, be sure to head out into the desert, perhaps to stay in one of the traditionally styled spa resorts situated on the outskirts of the city. There is, of course, one way to soak up the luxury and exclusivity of Dubai that beats all others, and that is to take a luxury yacht cruise in the seas off this epic world city.

Why a yacht cruise is the best way to enjoy Dubai in style:

  1. Nothing says luxury like a yacht
  2. It gives you the best view of the city’s sights
  3. You can book all the extras like catering and watersports at once
  4. A yacht is the ideal event venue, with both indoor and outdoor space
  5. You can include the services of our hostesses

The best luxury option: a Dubai yacht cruise with our hostesses

Nothing says ‘living the dream’ like a luxury yacht cruise in Dubai. We offer the most painless charter options by taking care of all your cruising needs with one booking. Our event planning team will arrange transfer service to the yacht, catering, and entertainment and any optional extras you need. Throw in a fishing tour or a ride on a banana boat. If you’re going a bit more upscale, we can arrange a live DJ and plenty of bubbly. Nothing, however, beats a cruise with one of our hostesses.

In one booking, we can provide:

  1. The yacht of your choice
  2. Customized length and duration of the cruise
  3. The best catering and drinks Dubai has to offer
  4. Added extras like fishing and watersports
  5. Hostess services

Why charter a yacht cruise with our hostesses

The perfect way to top off this combination is by requesting the on-board services of one of our exclusive yacht cruise hostesses. Nothing adds a sense of refinement like a woman’s soft touch, and that is exactly what our hostesses offer. This is truly a game-changer for your Dubai yacht cruise. Our hostesses are trained and qualified to offer the best and most caring service during the duration of your cruise. Whatever other added extras, our hostesses are ready to accommodate your needs and serve you the best way they can.

No matter what type of special event you are planning, a hostess is the ideal added touch. Add something special to your VIP hosting event or corporate party, whether it be a new product debut or an album release party. No stag party on a yacht can truly be complete without the services of one of our hostesses. Book a few hostesses to really push the evening over the top. Even if you are booking a cruise for a child’s birthday party, a hostess can keep the adults entertained while the children play. For more information, simply contact us and our event planning team will be eager to give you more information.

Our hostesses:

  • Offer a uniquely feminine touch to any cruise
  • Are highly experienced and qualified in offering service
  • Enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Are the perfect addition to any event
  • Can be booked individually or in groups


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