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What’s The Water Like In Dubai?

What’s The Water Like In Dubai?

There is a lot more to Dubai than skyscrapers, lavish shopping opportunities, and luxury accommodation and services. Dubai is the pearl of the Arabian Gulf. The city owes its existence to the sea, having been founded to take advantage of the trade, fishing and pearl farming opportunities that its coastal location offers. 

Today, visitors come from all around the world to enjoy Dubai’s waterfront amenities, including some of the world’s finest beachfront hotels, resorts, and clubs. Along the coast, there are a variety of public beaches for everyone to enjoy. Of course, you can also charter a yacht and enjoy a swim from this more exclusive venue, too.

Some of Dubai’s best free beaches:

  1. Jumeirah Open Beach
  2. Kitesurfing Beach
  3. Palace Beach
  4. Mercato Beach

What season is best for swimming in the sea in Dubai?

Summer in Dubai is probably not as footloose and fancy-free as you are used to. The weather from June through September can be scorchingly hot. Sunbathing can feel more like sun broiling. Other times of the year in Dubai can still be warmer than summer in many other parts of the world. For some, this is the ideal time to jump into the sea. Most visitors will find conditions in winter to be much more agreeable.

  • Summer can be too hot for most outdoor activities
  • The seawater temperature in summer may not feel refreshing to you
  • Winter conditions in Dubai can be similar to summer conditions in many other parts of the world

What kind of temperature can you expect?

Dubai has a hot desert climate with low precipitation. As for the sea here, everyone has their own impression of what it is like. Many people find it too warm to be refreshing, especially in the summer. 

The average sea temperature in Dubai is 28.3°C. It drops to 22°C in February, with an average air temperature high of 20°C. The sea reaches 34°C in August when the average air temperature high is 41°C. Most swimmers will find even the lowest sea temperatures in Dubai to be comfortable. Most visitors visit in the winter, and this is the best time to swim.

  • In the summer in Dubai, the sea is close to lukewarm and the air temperature is over 40°C
  • In the winter, the sea temperature is around 22°C, nice and refreshing

Things to watch out for when hitting the beach in Dubai

Hazards are quite rare, there are few if any hidden geological features or dangerous sea creatures. There is a chance that you will bump into jellyfish or a sea snake, but this is exceedingly rare. 

Many people find the sea here relatively salty. This can make it feel soupy, but it can also help you float easily. 

As the city was developing, there were occasional issues with effluent negatively affecting the seawater quality. With the construction of new treatment plants, this problem is a thing of the past. Dubai beaches enjoy clean, clear water. Besides the heat, one hindrance to enjoying the beach in Dubai at the height of summer is the occasional sandstorm. Check the forecast before reaching for your swimsuit and flip flops.

Rare hazards to swimming in Dubai:

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Sea snakes
  3. Sandstorms

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