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The Most Unique Stag Party Ever

The Most Unique Stag Party Ever

‘Game over’ is the phase that often comes to mind when marriage rolls around, despite the joys of domestic life. When it comes to the stag party, however, ‘game on’ is really the phrase that should define it. A wise man once said that there is nothing new under the sun, and this can certainly seem to be the case with stag party ideas. How do you outdo all your friends and colleagues and come up with the ultimate, unbeatable stag party? What says opulence, success and having ‘made it’ like nothing else? What you need is the most blinged-out location and the most opulent venue known to man.

Dubai is the place to be for the ultimate stag

The solution is really a no-brainer. Nowhere on the face of the Earth says success and opulence like Dubai. This is a truly world-class city where everything is possible and everything is of the most impeccable quality. If you want the best accommodation in the world, where there is a chance that if you asked room service for a cheetah you just might get it, Dubai is the place for you. If you want truffles and caviar coated in gold leaf or if you want the best burger and a pint of your life, chances are that you will find it in Dubai.

Dubai is the ultimate for a luxurious stag party because:

  1. All services are available at the highest quality
  2. It is one of the world’s greatest cities
  3. Anything that you want is at your fingertips in Dubai
  4. The accommodation can’t be beaten anywhere in the world

You can’t beat a chartered yacht for the ultimate stag party

Anyone can arrange a stag party at a top-end resort or pub crawl. If you want to take your party to the next level of prestige and luxury there is only one option, and that is a chartered yacht cruise along the coast of one of the world’s richest and most opulent cities. Sure, a stag party is all about piling a world-record amount of humiliation upon the groom-to-be. But doing so in public in a foreign vacation location can be a bit distracting for all involved. A yacht provides you with an exclusive humiliation venue where the gang can mock and laugh until they are writhing on the floor in tears without a crowd of quizzical Arabs gathering to observe.

A chartered yacht is perfect for an opulent stag party because:

  1. It is an exclusive venue
  2. The crew’s service is unsurpassed anywhere in the world
  3. The view of the Dubai skyline is amazing
  4. You can customize the experience any way you want

A yacht gives you everything you could ask for in a venue. The view is incredible, access is controlled, and the vessel offers both indoor and outdoor areas for whatever atmosphere you need at a given moment. Book a yacht with a pool or hot tub if your party wants to get wet and wild. Dance floors come standard on most charter yachts. Inquire for the selection of vessels available on your dates. The options are limitless and sure to accommodate your preferences and the size of your party. Themes are a cornerstone of most stag parties, and a chartered yacht can be decorated and prepared to create exactly the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Unique and exclusive amenities available on luxury yachts

  • A pool or hot tub
  • A dancefloor
  • Karaoke
  • A stage

Tailor your chartered yacht stag party any way you want

In fact, pretty much every aspect of your chartered yacht stag party can be customized to taste. Pick the playlist, book a DJ or band. Tribute bands and impersonators of the groom-to-be’s favorite act can add some lighthearted fun to the night. All kinds of live entertainment can be hired to really take your stag party to the next level. The underlying oriental charm of Dubai gives you the ideal background for a private belly dancing performance. Break out the hookahs if that’s your thing.

A yacht cruise wouldn’t be the same without an onboard luxury meal. Dubai offers endless catering options, no matter what cuisine or special flair you want to involve in your dining experience. Of course, it wouldn’t be a stag party without copious amounts of alcohol. Like everything else, drinks and bar service on the yacht can be customized to your requirements. The yacht crew and all the staff are highly trained to provide the best service you could ask for.

Factors to customize when planning your cruise

  • The size of the vessel
  • The route and duration
  • The theme and decoration
  • The entertainment and music
  • The food and drink

All of this can be arranged through one single booking, simply enquire for details and save your time and energy for getting hyped up for the big send-off.

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