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Take Your Friends Fishing Off The Coast In Dubai In Style

Take Your Friends Fishing Off The Coast In Dubai In Style

Dubai is a cutting-edge, opulent world city. This is one of the most modern and intensely urban locations on the planet. People come from everywhere to soak up the hustle and bustle and take advantage of the top-quality urban amenities. Whether you’re looking for the best in accommodation, dining, shopping or spas, you will find it in Dubai. However, there is a way to bask in the luxury that the city has to offer while getting away from the frenetic urban environment

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Fish on the sea in style

As the pearl of the Arabian Sea, Dubai gives you the opportunity to get out on the water and cast a line for many exotic species of fish. Meanwhile, you can take Dubai’s luxury with you on the yacht or dedicated fishing vessel. This is an excellent way to relax and get to know another side of the city.

We offer fishing tours that you can customize according to your preferences and the needs of your group. A standard fishing tour takes a minimum of four hours, but you can book as much time as you want to help ensure that you haul in the catch of your dreams. Each of our fishing vessels comes equipped with a barbeque. 

Our expert staff will prepare and cook the fish you catch so you can enjoy the freshest possible seafood meal right there in luxury on the deck of the yacht. Contact our event planning staff if you want to add any catering and drinks besides our standard complimentary offering. You can even choose to fish to the beats of a live DJ if you want.

Our fishing tours include:

  1. All the equipment and bait necessary
  2. Training on how to fish
  3. The option to grill and eat your catch
  4. Qualified staff to ensure your safety and comfort

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Enjoy the thrill of fishing from a luxury yacht

We offer the possibility of adding supplementary activities to your fishing tour as well. You can choose between swimming, watersports such as banana boat rides, and getting your thrill on a jet ski. Contact us for all the details. We also offer a luxury transfer service from any hotel in Dubai, to help you reach the boat in style and comfort. Navigating Dubai traffic and finding parking is not a fun way to start a day of rest and relaxation, so let us take care of transportation for you. You can choose among a range of luxury sedans, SUVs or vans.

Optional extras that we offer:

  • Swimming
  • Water sports such as a ride on a banana boat
  • Jet skis
  • Transfer service with your choice of vehicle

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While we offer dedicated fishing vessels if you are mainly focused on hauling in the fish, you can also choose to fish from the deck of one of our luxury yachts. This lets you enjoy the thrill of sport fishing while basking in the luxury and high-quality service that our yacht tours offer. Our fleet of yachts offers a range of unique amenities. 

Each of our yachts has:

  • Toilets
  • Salons
  • Sleeping quarters
  • A dedicated steward staff

Some of the most common fish species that you are likely to catch include various species of grouper, bream and especially barracuda. You even have a chance for tuna at the right time of year, contact us for details on what is available in the relevant season.

Most common fish caught off Dubai:

  1. Barracuda
  2. Kingfish
  3. Bream
  4. Grouper

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Our highly qualified staff are there to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable fishing tour. We will prepare all the necessary equipment and bait and even offer training in how to fish to any guests who need it.

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