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Top 5 Dubai Airport Tips – Travel Like A Pro

Top 5 Dubai Airport Tips – Travel Like A Pro

Dubai International Airport is so central to the life of the city that its international code, DXB, has become synonymous with Dubai. As a major transfer hub, the airport accounts for almost a third of Dubai’s economy. Strategically located between Europe, Asia, and Africa, the airport is the busiest one in the world by international passenger traffic. Terminal three is currently the second-largest building in the world.

Given all these staggering statistics, navigating the vastness of Dubai International Airport can be a daunting proposition for first-time visitors. The airport is practically a city in itself, with tens of thousands of square meters of retail space, various luxury hotels, and a seemingly endless array of dining options. Dubai Duty Free is the largest airport retailer in the world.

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Unique amenities at DXB:

  1. The Zen garden
  2. Prayer rooms
  3. Spa services
  4. Lounges for economy passengers

If you are worried about navigating DXB in comfort and style, here are five tips that you should keep in mind.

Arrive early

As noted above, Dubai International Airport is practically a city within itself and a wonder of the modern world. It is worth budgeting for a couple of hours just to explore the dining, cafes, and shopping options on offer. Terminal One is home to the most popular pub in Dubai, McGettigan’s, a great place to stop off for a pint or two of the black stuff before a long-haul flight. Besides standard fast-food franchises like Cafe Nero and Burger King, DXB offers fine dining experiences like Cadiz, a great place to catch one last Dubai meal of fine seafood.

Some of DXB’s top dining options:

  1. Caviar House
  2. Cadiz
  3. Bombay Chapati
  4. Wafi Gourmet
  5. Umaizushi

Stock up on duty-free

At DXB, you are faced with the largest selection of duty-free items anywhere on Earth. Make sure that you take a sturdy bag with at least one hard flat side to carry your haul in or you may have trouble at check-in. The Gulf states have a well-established tradition of fine perfumes. You are likely to find truly amazing fragrances that you will not find anywhere else. Also, consider delving into the market for one of the products that helped establish Dubai as a major center, the pearl market.

Take it easy

Whether you are on a long layover or you just can’t keep your eyes open or stay on your feet any longer, DXB offers a plethora of options to help you take a load off. Besides the impressively large selection of four- and five-star hotels in the terminal buildings, DXB provides travelers with unique options like rentable Snooze Cubes. These are quick and easy spots to grab some shut-eye, with just a bed and a TV. Other relaxing options like saunas, spa services, and even a Zen garden are also available.

R&R options at DXB:

  • Sleep Cubes
  • Spa services
  • Saunas
  • The Zen garden
  • Prayer rooms

Get away from the crowds in an exclusive lounge

Terminals One and Three offer a variety of airport lounge options. Several of them are even open for use by economy passengers for a fee. If you need to get some work done or simply want to enjoy a higher level of service while you wait for your flight, this is a great option for you. DXB Lounges operate 24 hours a day and provide many exclusive services:

  • Left luggage
  • Reading material
  • Prayer rooms
  • Showers
  • Spa services
  • TVs

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Get to your gate early, but be the last to board

At any airport gate in the world, you may notice that passengers can be over-eager to board their flight. They will start crowding around the check-in desk or lining up even before boarding has been announced. Passengers can end up spending half an hour standing around, shifting their weight and their luggage from shoulder to shoulder while peering down the boarding ramp. 

Why? If you’re at the gate, the plane isn’t going to leave without you. Chill out, kick back, keep watching YouTube, and remain seated until everyone else has boarded. Then, you can casually saunter up to the gate and board your flight at a leisurely pace.

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