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Top 5 Hotels In Dubai

Top 5 Hotels In Dubai

Dubai is among the top-tier of the world’s luxury travel destinations. It is a city that offers the most over-the-top opulence and many of the best amenities and services available anywhere on Earth. Dubai is most notable as arguably the world’s premier shopping destination, with Dubai Mall by itself receiving more visitors than New York City or any other specific sightseeing landmark worldwide every year. 

Best things to do in Dubai:

  1. Shopping
  2. A yacht cruise
  3. A desert safari
  4. Soak up the luxury at the hotel

Besides the amazing dining options and exclusive activities like taking a desert safari or a yacht cruise in the Arabian Gulf, your accommodation choice in Dubai can be an attraction all to itself. The city’s hotels and resorts are unsurpassed. Besides icons like the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven-star hotel, only Dubai boasts a hotel designed by Giorgio Armani. 

There is a dizzying array of elite accommodation options in Dubai. Whether you are looking for elegance, a full-service beach resort or something completely unique, you will find it in Dubai. Here is our list of Dubai’s top five hotels.

Dubai’s best hotels offer:

  • Top-flight design
  • Michelin-starred chefs
  • Amazing pools
  • Luxury spas
  • Amazing comfort

The Burj Al Arab

Hailed as the world’s only seven-star hotel, The Burj Al Arab has been seeing off the ever-emerging competition for twenty years. You can expect your stay to feature round-the-clock butler service, a fleet of chauffeured Rolls Royces, elite-luxury branded toiletries, and the perfect selfie opportunity at a Dubai landmark. The rooms are all duplex suites with double-high ceilings. 

Attention has been paid to every detail of this unique hotel experience. Set out on an artificial island in the Gulf of Arabia, the Burj Al Arab’s pools also take luxury to another level.

The Burj Al Arab is:

  • The world’s only seven-star hotel
  • Built on its own artificial island
  • One of the world’s tallest hotels
  • Easy to get to by helicopter
  • A Dubai icon

Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The Palm is more than a hotel and resort, it is practically a city of luxury unto itself. The dining options within the resort alone rival the selection offered by some cities. With its waterpark, aquarium and other activities for youth, The Atlantis is the ideal option if you are traveling with children. Let them get up close and personal with the resort’s sea lions and dolphins. 

Located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah, The Atlantis even features underwater rooms with a view of local marine life and of Atlantis itself. The 1500 rooms offer fantastic luxury. 

Photo: Christoph Schulz

Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani Hotel Dubai is not only notable for its world-renowned designer, but also for its location in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. As such, the location could not be more ideal or central. You will not find a more tastefully designed hotel with a more understated and chic style ethos. Every design detail has been selected by Armani himself from a selection of fine materials from around the world. The hotel also offers a selection of restaurants including practically any cuisine you may desire.

One&Only Royal Mirage

This resort is worth visiting just for the pools. Located on the crescent-shaped island protecting the Palm Jumeirah, this is a low, understated, luxury boutique option, understated for Dubai, at least. The sound system and toiletries offered in each room are top-flight luxury-brand quality. Book a beachfront villa if you want a bit of exclusion and enjoy the private white-sand beach. Dine at the variety of restaurants, including one run by a Michelin-starred chef, and take advantage of the opulent spa treatment.  

Photo: J Shim

Park Hyatt Dubai

Have you ever wished that your hotel offered a menu of pillows to give you just the right support for a perfect sleep? The Park Hyatt Dubai is for you. All the other details of the accommodation at the Park Hyatt Dubai exceed all expectations. The same is true of the Dubai Yacht and Golf Club in which it is set. The dining options are designed to be a full sensory gourmet experience. If you’re at a loss for how to kill a couple of hours, take a spin on the hotel’s exclusive seaplane.

Some other top hotels in Dubai:

  1. XVA Art Hotel
  2. Taj Dubai
  3. Bab Al Shams
  4. Conrad Dubai
  5. Raffles Dubai

Photo: Traveller Made

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