About us

Our Company

Rent Dubai Yacht has been offering luxury chartered yachts in Dubai for the last decade. We pride ourselves on providing the broadest range of chartered yacht experiences is this leading world-class city. No other chartering company offers so many options to customize your yachting experience. 

Whether you want an onboard celebration like a wedding, a business event, or a fishing trip, we offer a range of customization options to make your event perfect. Our dedicated team of event planners can arrange a wide range of catering options, bar service, live entertainment, and fishing. Our fleet of yachts gives you a selection of amenities and atmospheres to choose from. Take a sporty little speed boat or a palatial, modern yacht that can accommodate over a hundred guests. Traditional Emirati dhows and dedicated fishing vessels are also available. 

We are proud of our growing team, which includes world-class crew, onboard service, event planning, and customer service personnel. All of our staff are fully certified, experienced, and trained to offer the ultimate customer experience. Our captains, in particular, are highly qualified and experienced in sailing the local waters. You can rest easy knowing that you are in safe, salty hands with us.

What sets us apart?

  • Our services are available at any time of day, any day of the year
  • Our staff and service meet the highest standards
  • We have a vast selection of safe and luxurious yachts
  • We offer the greatest range of options to customize your cruise
  • Experienced and qualified captains and crew
  • Our highly trained steward staff provides the best service
  • We take pride in our customer service and event planning

Our location

We are located in the heart of Dubai, a stone’s throw from the fleet at the world-renowned Dubai Marina. 

Our fleet of yachts

Our fleet of vessels undergoes the most rigorous evaluation, certification, and maintenance routines to guarantee the highest level of safety and luxury on every chartered tour that we offer. With us, safety always comes first. Our business is to offer an experience of absolute luxury and comfort. We are intent that all of our guests feel entirely safe and secure at all times. 

All of our staff and vessels rigorously follow all local and international maritime safety regulations and standards. Each vessel’s crew includes members who have first aid training and know what to do in the event of any emergency. The waters off of Dubai are almost always tranquil and safe, but we take every precaution to ensure your safety in any eventuality.

Our fleet is:

  • Impeccably well-maintained and safe
  • Run by highly experienced and competent captains and crew
  • Large enough to offer you any kind of vessel you need
  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Well insured, inspected and certified

We offer the greatest flexibility

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our outstanding team of event planners. Rather than offering a rigid set of charter options, we work with our clients to provide a yachting experience tailored to their exacting needs. First, you must consider the size of the vessel, duration, and route that you want for your cruise, depending upon your preference and the size of your party. Besides this, we offer you more opportunities to customize your catering, drinks and entertainment options than any other Dubai yacht chartering company. 

Whether you want a live DJ, a live band, or something a bit unique like a dance performance it can be arranged for you. We can arrange catering from a wide variety of sources in Dubai. Go with Pizza and soda, Lobster and champagne, or anything in between. Other exciting maritime activities can also be arranged, like rides on a towed banana boat or fishing excursions.

We offer the ability to customize:

  1. The size of yacht you charter
  2. The route and duration of your cruise
  3. The catering and drinks on offer
  4. Special event planning
  5. Unique amenities like jacuzzis
  6. Entertainment options like live DJs or bands

We offer dedicated fishing vessels with all of the equipment you need to catch the fish of your dreams. Our expert staff can advise you on the best methods to increase your odds. Cook and eat your catch right there onboard the vessel or let us pack it up for you to take away.

Get married on a luxury yacht in Dubai

Have you considered having a major life event like your wedding on a yacht in Dubai? There are not many ways to make your wedding such an unbeatably memorable and opulent experience. Both the city itself and the yachting experience are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Not only can we help to customize your onboard wedding just the way you like, but our event planners can also help you unify much of the planning into one simple booking. One of the top benefits of holding your wedding on a yacht is availability. While traditional wedding venues can book out years in advance, a luxury yacht can usually be booked only a few weeks in advance.

Benefits of having a wedding on a yacht in Dubai:

  • Unbeatably exclusive environment
  • Do most of your planning with a single booking
  • Offers both an outdoor and an indoor venue
  • Availability is much better than traditional venues

Make life easy with our transfer service

To make life easier for everyone, we offer transfer services between any hotel in Dubai and the pier. This saves you struggling to find the destination and saves everyone time. Our local professional drivers can get you to the yacht in style, luxury, and in time. We offer different transit options to suit your occasion. Transfer vans are available for larger groups, and luxury sedans are available for a touch of class. 

We are eager to hear from you

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries at all. We are always happy to discuss the chartering options that we have available. Our staff is always ready to provide information and help you customize the Dubai yacht cruise of your dreams. You will be amazed at how affordable a full-service yacht cruise can be. We have options available for every budget, group size, and occasion.

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